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Sunday, May 27, 2012

13 and counting

13 days and I'm outta here!

I have got to be honest and say that I have had some MAJOR anxiety this week - mostly around the fear of, wait for it.....
being cold.
Seriously. Being cold.
So, of course when I get there, I will spend the first few days in CED in Dehra Dun where it will most likely be on the up side of 100 degrees. Then we will begin heading to up to Ladakh which is way further north than Dehra Dun. It might be cold at night...around 30 or so. I hate being cold. hate it.
So, I have purchased some CRAZY warm clothes and my friend Sarah has hooked me up with a wonderful down sleeping bag. My anxiety has completely dissipated.
It's amazing how when I asked for help and was open to receive it, that my heart is so much lighter, and my worries are lifted. What an amazing gift!
Thank you dear friends for helping me with all of your love and support.
And so the lessons begin.

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