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Monday, May 31, 2010

Today's Agenda

I am at the place in getting ready for my trip that I am only functioning off of a list - if I don't put it on the list the idea I have or the item I *think* I need is quickly forgotten.
Last night I was invited for an amazing Indian dinner with the Fernandes family and a great number of their friends who came to share dinner and conversation about my upcoming travels. The food was, of course, amazing.  The hospitality was indescribable - everyone wanted to know why I am going, where I am going, where I'm staying, and what I might need for my trip.  If my visit to India is anywhere close to as nice as this group of people from last night I will have an amazing time.
Okay - so, here's my list for the day:

  • back up laptop
  • find my elusive tea tree oil
  • call a couple of my "contacts"
  • buy sunglasses
  • locate converters or buy new ones
  • buy filters for my camera( might wait until I arrive in ATL for that one)
  • buy book Wanderlust and Lipstick
  • call AT&T (ugh - dreading that one...)
  • print real photos to carry with me - family, friends, and dog dog
  • grab some post cards of Charleston to share
  • stop by pharmacy - that has it's own little list....
  • purchase pistachios, almonds, calendars, and stationery items to carry as gifts
  • Ask mom for pecans :)
Oh, and pack to go to Georgia -AND complete my packing for India...
Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My back yard

The countdown

It is beginning to feel more and more real.
I finally chose a camera yesterday (that has been a process for me...good grief)  and today I deposited the rest of my travel money from the school - should be fun for our accountant to have the receipts all in rupees....
I am overwhelmed with the support and kindness I am receiving from my friends and the families whose children I have taught. I am meeting friends today for drinks at 4:00 and I am looking forward to seeing everyone before I go. Tomorrow, I go for dinner with one of my families from school and they are going to answer all of my 2 million looming questions.
 I am planning on heading down to Georgia around Tuesday so I can hang out with my mom for a few days and pick up any last minute items I might need in Atlanta.
What could I possibly be forgetting??