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Friday, April 9, 2010

Making It real

The visa arriving today is making it real! I am actually beginning to get excited about my trip.
The visit home over Easter was very soothing for my "Momma fears" - being around my mom and seeing that she wasn't crying or shaking with fear at the mere thought of India was very helpful and eased my worried mind. I was able to talk to her about my travel plans and I feel content. I know she will still worry but it seems much more manageable now.

So, my visa came via FedEx today - I had been worried about mailing my Passport of to DC and trusting some "place" to get my visa for me and get it back to me {exhale}.

I also made a call to Lama Tenzin today to let him know my travel dates and to see what, if anything, I can bring with me to the orphanage. It sounds like he has a few projects going on and he wants us to "Build a Bridge" with my visit. He would like for me to come, get to know the children, see for myself what they need and then build a relationship between our school and their home. It makes me so happy to know that this is the direction that I am headed and the direction that our school can go with this visit.

I am so lucky to have gotten a grant from my school to make this trip happen.

I'm not sure if my school knows how lucky it will be when I return from India with the notion to build a bridge and with these children in my heart.

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