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Friday, June 15, 2012

7 Days difference

What a difference a week can hold. It's SO good to be here with the kids and everyone else from CED!
I can't really believe it has already been 7 days since I started this journey.
The jet lag has been tough, so has the heat, and so have my lovely swollen feet, ankles, and fingers. The air quality is absolutely horrible. I think the locals think they are helping themselves out by burning their trash at night - so it's not so hot - but it really really stinks and makes for a miserable stench and sleeping with the windows open is a requirement since it is probably still around 90-95 degrees (it's 11:30 pm) and all we have are fans.

On a positive note, today we started the packing process for our upcoming trip. We will ALL be heading to northern India to an area called Ladakh. It is an old Tibetan Kingdom and somewhere the children have never been.
I think it will be fun but challenging. It will last about 20 days - we will be camping for some of those nights, hotels for other nights...

Camping. 22 kids. 20 days. I know you envy me!

All of the older kids had a job and a list today - cooking/ kitchen supplies, food to bring to cook, getting cameras/tech ready, checking to see that everyone was getting appropriate clothes. Tonight, around 10, Lama Tenzin had a "roll call" of sorts - an inspection of everyone's clothes before they went into the bags so that he knows that everyone has everything he asked them to pack. That Lama, always thinking!

I know lots of folks are wondering where the pictures are - coming soon is my answer, I had to make some room on my hard drive and I did that today.

And for those of you who sent money - Lama Tenzin and I have been discussing some of the needs the kids have right now. Their flooring is vinyl and was in pretty bad shape 2 years ago. It is patched in many places and now it's in really bad shape - of course, he knows a guy where he can get his "wholesale price" so that is one very real possibility. This upcoming trip is going to be a pretty significant cost (to them). What would it cost us to take 22 kids on vacation for 20 days?
The money can help offset that too - AND the kids need some new clothes - I hear we might be hitting the store called Las Vegas. The girls were excited!
Then there are the basics - the phone bill, the light bill, the milk bill, diapers for Pema Choezon, the list goes on and every little bit helps.

I'll keep you posted :)

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