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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Things I had Forgotten

When it is this hot, the only place where you feel it is where your skin touches because otherwise, the sweat dries so fast that you don’t know you are even sweating.

The most beautiful sound in the world has to be the sound of these children praying.

The names of the “night dogs” who are now the day dogs...

The sight of Pema Dechen scratching all the time because of lice

The girls have all kinds of questions.

They are all genuinely thankful

How much rice they think I should be able to eat - same for lentil soup

In Delhi, there are so many men who sleep in the middle of the road on the divider, on the side of the road, on their bikes, on their rickshaws, on top of the trucks. You can’t drive anywhere without seeing them. Lama Tenzin says the exhausts and constant movement of cars keeps the mosquitos away.

Nap time is wonderful.

Nighttime traffic and driving is treacherous. It is like the nightmare of accidentally going the wrong way on an interstate at home except you are doing it on purpose.

There is a dog conspiracy. It begins precisely when you turn your lights off and put your head on your pillow. The barking lasts for at least an hour. Interspersed with howling. And growling. Under your window.

There is a fierce, cold wind that slams open the windows and shutters and chills you in seconds.

The dog Darling likes to sit on my foot.

The six hour drive from Delhi usually takes us about eleven hours. That’s how we roll...

The foot lift and hand flick that is quickly and naturally developed in response to the absurd number of flies.

While a cold shower sounds refreshing, it really is cold.

I don’t mind not understanding their language. It is nice to sit back, glean meaning, and not be required to contribute. I still laugh when it’s funny though because their smiles are contagious.

Every meal is carbs. and lentils. but mostly carbs. Breakfast was fried bread and potatoes. Lunch was rice, potatoes, lentils, and a couple of slices of cucumber along with a banana shake. Dinner will be kidney beans and tigmo ( steamed Tibetan bread)

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