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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Beginning

When I arrived I was so excited to see the girls - Lama Tenzin had told me he was bringing the older girls to the airport to meet me. The new airport is really nice and pretty big - the girls were waiting outside of Door 6, I came out of door 6..they were “upside” Door 6, I was “downside”... took me a while to find an elevator, find my way, and find the girls. It was fun to sneak up on them from behind though and ask..”whacha lookin’ for?”
We spent the first night in Delhi at Hotel Ama and were planning on doing some shopping the next day. It was pretty much too hot to shop so we headed to Dehra Dun. We did stop at an Indian version of Sam’s Club on the way, Lama Convinced the guy to let us in without a membership. He loves wholesale prices - loves them! We bought some stuff for our trip, stuff for the kids, and Tang. Lama loves to drink Tang - should have is orange!

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