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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Roommate you never love

It was the first or second night that I THOUGHT I had a little roommate - I figured it was a little lizard like last time - they are kind of neat but creepy at the same time. They are a funny yellow color and have sucker toes so they walk up the walls and fall off on a regular basis. This roommate seemed a little faster than a lizard. After staying up later than I should and then getting myself ALL freaked out about what it might be, I finally saw that it was a little mouse. Not my favorite but he seemed a little more terrified of me so we came to an agreement. I hung all my stuff that I didn’t want him to bother on a hanger on the wall and zipped it tight. I also took all of the things that might be confused for food down to the kitchen. He ate a boarding pass. Seemed fair enough.

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