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Friday, June 4, 2010

Getting Closer!

Well, my bag is packed and I have an enormous amount of guilt about the weight of the bag... I pride myself on my ability to travel somewhat lightly. I have the top of my bag packed with stuff for the kids - markers, crayons, tootsie roll pops, calendars for Lama T and his family - it all just adds up.
Then of course my mom helped last night and I think it helps her to know that I have some things like a protein bar (or 12) in case the food upsets my stomach, and an extra t-shirt "just in case"...
I am hesitant about taking my laptop but it is coming along - so is the new camera both of those items are heavy.
So, I spoke to Lama T a couple of days ago and he is the one picking me up from the airport and we will stay the first night in Delhi and then we are going to pick up a graduation gift for three of the girls - they passed all of their exams and he wants to find watches for them. He really is funny -he said his favorite colors are yellow and red (the colors of his robes) and that he doesn't know what the girls would like. He also warned me about choosing the right Lama at the airport..."Don't go with wrong lama - we want the right girl with the right Lama".
Of course when I show up and there are 87 Lamas it might just be confusing....


  1. Can't wait to hear from you, I Love You!!! Have fun!

  2. Hey Sister, I googled Lama Tenzin and saw pictures of him and read some stories other people had posted on the web site, i hope I had the right Lama!!!

  3. I love the vision of 87 lamas in their saffron and red at the airport. Confusing but beautiful in the imagination.
    I carried a bag like your to Honduras in Feb. It's pretty wonderful thinking of all those goodies going to a place that can really use them. Safe travels. I hope your dear self and all of your stuff arrive safely.


  4. I hope you have arrived safely and have settled into the environment. Keep us posted!