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Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14 - much, much better

Hey Everyone!
I feel 200% better now - I am getting the hang of our daily schedule and starting teaching English lessons today.
I will blog at home and then bring it here to cut and paste - Blogging from the internet place doesn't make sense - takes too long
The kids are amazing!
I'm having a great time!!


  1. Girl! You are a trooper!!! Can't wait for further adventures although I did resist googling your "belly ailment". It sounds as if it is turning out to be all you hoped. I'll look forward to further posts.
    You're in my thoughts & prayers,

  2. OKaay...glad to hear it's better. The Lowcountry is hot as heck (100 degrees as I left McClellanville the other day), Spoleto is winding down, and sweet watermelons and peaches are in. So how many children are you working with? What ages? Do they already know some English or are you beginning at the beginning? Hope it is all good from here on!