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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm packed!

Well, I am packed!
I think the majority of my duffle bag is filled with fun stuff for the kids and medicine of the "just in case" kind.
I am taking just the basics - a couple of pairs of capris, a couple of skirts, a few t-shirts, a couple of long sleeve cotton shirts, a rain jacket, a sun hat, flip flops, tennis shoes. I also have a sleep sheet and I am thinking of throwing in a sarong since they always come in handy and can be so versatile.

My list of meds is much longer than my list of clothes - cipro, a z-pack, stuff for nausea, malarone for malaria, immodium, ambien in case of jet lag, saline spray, pepto, eye drops, tylenol, BC powders, meclazine, zyrtec, daytime allergy stuff....the list does go on but gracious!
I swear I am not a med junkie but from all of the stuff I have read and all of the folks I have talked to it seems that it's easier to just have it with you.  My hope is that all of this was completely unnecessary and I don't need any of it. I'm not heading to India so I can try out all of my prescriptions.

So this morning (later this morning) we are heading to Georgia.  Unfortunately I keep thinking of things I need to do here.  Right now Sadie's woobie is in the drier and she is about to get in the shower - unbeknownst to her.
I think that a departure time of 11 seems realistic - if I can get out of here earlier that's great but if not, no big deal.

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